Coverage throughout
Canada and the U.S.A

100$ deductible per visit*


  • 1Engine (gasoline and diesel)

  • 2Transmission (automatic or manual)

  • 3Differential (front or rear)

  • 4Transfer case (4WD vehicle or all-wheel drive)
  • 5Towing

  • 6Courtesy Car

  • 7Option

* Plus applicable taxes

Cylinder blocks and all lubricated internal parts as listed: crankshaft, crankshaft bushings, pistons, rings (if piston replacement is required or segments are broken), connecting rods, connecting rod bearings, camshafts, camshaft bushings, cylinder heads, cylinder head gaskets, valves, valve guides, valve springs, rocker arms, push rods, hydraulic lifters, camshaft plugs, front cover, timing chain and sprockets, timing belt and timing belt tensioners (if the wheel is damaged, but not if the teeth are worn), intake manifold, exhaust manifold, serrated wheels (if broken in the heart of the wheel and not so if worn at the teeth), counterweight shaft, vibration damper, valve covers, oil pan (if damaged from inside), oil pump.

Housing and all lubricated internal parts as listed. Automatic: oil pumps, valve housings, torque converters, planetary vacuum modulators, main shaft, bands, drums, gear sets, internal bearings, bushings, internal sealing rings, pipes and fittings. Manual: main shaft, gear sets, shift forks, synchronizers, internal bearings, bushings, master cylinder and clutch cylinder. Excludes: discs, and the clutch plate, as well as the clutch bearing.

Housing axles and all lubricated internal parts as listed: case, gear sets, internal bearings, bushings, self-locking clutch assembly, positraction units, axle shafts, universal joints, drive shafts.

Housing and all internal lubricated parts as listed: main shaft, gear sets, chains and sprockets, internal bearings, bushings, electric motors or vacuum motors. To benefit from this block, the 4×4 must have been disclosed at the signing of the contract.

The towing service is offered as part of the program during the warranty period of your vehicle for mechanical breakdown, out of gas, puncture only. The distance to be travelled to find an authorized repair shop must not exceed 50 kilometres for a maximum towing invoice of $75.00.

If the vehicle is immobilized for more than 48 hours during a mechanical breakdown covered by the warranty, a courtesy vehicle will be provided to you for the duration of the repairs for a maximum of 5 days, 24 hours after the diagnosis is made. The daily rental cost must not exceed $40.00 for a total amount of $200.00.

7-OPTIONS (COST: $150.00 plus applicable taxes) SEALS, RINGS AND LIQUIDS (COVERED REPAIRS)
The coverage includes the necessary replacement of all seals, rings, liquids and lubricants, only in the event of a mechanical breakdown or the failure of one of the covered parts listed in the contract.

1- As soon as a mechanical problem arises, call us immediately at the following number: 1-844-421-2040.

2- Follow the instructions of Garantie AutoRoute 20-40 to proceed rapidly with the repair.

3- Make sure that the mechanical repair garage that carries out the repairs have received the authorization to proceed.

Note : No repairs will be reimbursed at a later date if work has been performed without approval by Garantie AutoRoute 20-40.